Scent is the closest sense linked to memory and recollection.

Increase your customers remembrance of your brand.

By introducing a signature scents into an environment customers will develop deeper memories and emotional connections with a brand resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty. Signature scents can also cut through the noise and help customers distinguish one brand from the other.

Cosmetic Quality Scent marketing is used by leading companies around the world.

“Most major international hotel chains—including Sofitel, Le Meridién and The Ritz-Carlton—already diffuse their unique aromas throughout their properties, but smaller brands have started focusing on fragrance as well. ”

- Forbes

A study showed identical Nike sneakers to the subjects in identical rooms, one of which was scented and the other was unscented. In the scented room, participants reported an 80% increase in purchase intent and were willing to pay up to 10% more for the same item than in the unscented room.

- Smell & Taste Research Foundation

Take Back the Power and make the decision as to what you want your guest to feel and remember.

See What the Experts Have to Say

Research, academic, and corporate experts all agree sensory marketing is an important aspect of brand marketing.
Smell is used in branding because it increases the customers' remembrance of the brand.
- European Business Review
Whereas those given unscented pencils experienced a 73% decline in the information they could recall two weeks later, subjects given tea-tree-scented pencils experienced a decline of only 8%.
- Rutgers University Study
"Results indicate that a pleasant ambient scent improves evaluation of the store environment, products, quality of services provided, the level of pleasure experienced, the level of stimulation, a customers' intention to revisit the store and customers’ spending."
- International Journal of Marketing Studies
…while people's visual recall of images sinks to approximately 50% after only three months, they recall smells with a 65% accuracy after an entire year.
- Sense of Smell Institute