We connect brands to their customers through memorable fragrances.

Solutions with Results

Aromatyx is a leading partnership between hospitality and aroma industry experts. Our scent consultants will work with you to identify your brand scent either from our signature aromas or personalized fragrances.

On-Site Consultation

Scenting & Branding Analysis

Plan Implementation

Maintenance & Support

HVAC Solutions

We offer solutions that integrate with existing HVAC / air conditioning systems to ensure a consistent brand experience throughout any interior space.

Any System Size

Solutions for businesses or buildings of any size or use.

Commercial HVAC

Large scale solutions for commercial air handlers.

Interior Air Handlers

Easy to implement solutions for interior room handlers.

Easy Setup

Our solutions are quick and easy to setup. No external power connection required.

Compliant with Code

Our solutions are compliant with current regulatory building codes.

In-Room Solutions

Easy to implement solutions for small and large rooms, offices, hotel rooms, and public spaces.


Beautiful and efficient in-room diffusers that carry your scent into every room or space.

Room Spray Atomizers

Freshen any room with two quick bursts of long lasting scent from branded hand-held containers.

Aromatherapy Dispensers

One easy to use dispenser can cover areas up to 1,500 sqft and can be setup in under 5 minutes.

Custom Scented Candles

Take the scent to the bank and increase your revenue by offering your guests the scent to take home.

Custom Solutions

We provide tailored solutions for hotels, businesses, and unique sites regardless of the type or quantity of indoor/outdoor spaces or the presence of an HVAC system.